When it comes to products used in military and aerospace applications, failure is not an option.

Our molded products are employed in NASA and USAF missions, and we understand the extreme importance of product safety, quality and reliability. Sterling guarantees the utilization of the most robust ISO 9001:2008 registered Quality Management System throughout the entire manufacturing process, and utilizes the most technology-forward manufacturing methods to ensure that all defense and aviation products are ready to go to work immediately.


Sterling has manufactured the iconic David Clark headset for decades.


Sterling works with some of the most innovative companies in the world to develop and manufacture technologies that save lives.

Why Sterling?


Sterling specializes in project scalability. We know that volume requirements can change rapidly, and we have the infrastructure to adapt to those changes quickly and effectively.


We don't just make products-we support the entire product lifecycle. From expert engineering and design services through automation implementation, you will experience full support and service from Sterling from start to finish.

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