Prototype & Development

We provide innovative solutions to bring new products to full production. We will partner with you early in the design phase and remain committed to your success throughout the product lifecycle, through testing, validation and launch.

Holistic Engineering

At Sterling, we take a collaborative, holistic approach to new product development.

The NPD Process

Whether you have complete parts files or just an idea; want to develop a product to sell to an OEM or plan on entering full-scale production; Sterling has the experience and engineering expertise to take your new product from concept to creation.

  1. 3D/2D File Submission

    We can accept 2D technical drawings or 3D printed models, which we will examine for manufacturability and design suggestions.

  2. File interrogation

    When you submit your proprietary design, we extract information from your drawings and part files to evaluate the feasibility of every design element.

  3. DFM

    We integrate Design for Manufacturability throughout the NPD process to facilitate production, reduce costs and eliminate potentially expensive delays.

  4. Design adjustments

    Our engineers can make recommendations including material selection, wall thickness analysis, tooling, mold flow analysis, surface finish and part decoration.

  5. Prototyping

    For those looking to develop and test new product ideas, rapid prototyping provides parts quickly and cost-effectively.

  6. Final Product

    Once we have an agreed-upon design that we’ve ensured can be effectively manufactured, we work with you through testing and validation to launch your product on time and within your budget.

Explore the Possibilities

When you come to us with a concept, we create a product that works.

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