Sterling has served the industrial and consumer markets for more than 45 years.

Our project engineers design and produce innovative precision-molded products for use in retail and wholesale applications including electronics, communications, fire detection, cosmetics, metrology, and more. Sterling specializes in project scalability. We know the consumer and industrial markets, and we understand volume requirements can rapidly increase with minimal notice. Our production team and infrastructure setup is prepared to seamlessly adapt to volume increases.

Consumer Products:

We ensure 100% consistency during high-volume manufacturing for the world's leading consumer product companies. We understand what is at stake with every part.


The products we manufacture must reliably perform in the harshest and most demanding industrial environments. Our engineers ensure products built at Sterling will withstand these challenges.

Why Sterling?


Sterling specializes in project scalability. We know that volume requirements can change rapidly, and we have the infrastructure to adapt to those changes quickly and effectively.


We don't just make products-we support the entire product lifecycle. From expert engineering and design services through automation implementation, you will experience full support and service from Sterling from start to finish.

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